theBetes:NOW is a really fun project that I bumped into at the CWD Friends For Life (FFL) conference.  It’s a project that a couple of the super creative Dunlap teenagers are putting together, and I’m so impressed with how it is turning out.  I’m proud of them, and proud to have had a chance to participate.

From their site: “We at theBetes:NOW aim to serve Type 1 families by offering them a multi-media platform to share their experiences with the larger Type 1 community. We are a project for Type 1 families, by Type 1 families.

They had a neat little station set up right in the hallway of the convention center, and as people would walk by they could record a little message, then it would be edited on the spot, and played on a display screen just minutes later.  It was really fun to do, and I was amazed by Kelley Dunlap editing the videos almost as fast as they were coming out of the camera.

Here’s a picture that I snapped of Bennet & Kerri looking very serious, Crystal Jackson in the background, and if you look at the TV Screen you can see Kelly Kunik, who recorded her scene just a short while earlier.

Kerri grabbed an “action shot” while I was recording my little blurb.  Below you can see the final product!

“Uncle Scott wants YOU!”

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