No-Sugar Added Poetry Book

2105-NoSugarAddedPoetry_book_2-1-225x300“From words, carefully chosen, purposefully arranged, emerges a shared experience and mutual understanding” – Lee Ann Thill, in the introduction of No-Sugar Added Poetry.

I received a copy of No-Sugar Added Poetry at the 2010 Roche Social Media Summit (Roche Diagnostics sponsored the publishing of this book).  I recently sat down and read through it, and was touched by these poems from cover to cover.

In 2008, a member of the community, Sohair Abdel-Rahman, dreamed of a poetry book written by the members of TuDiabetes.

In 2009 the Diabetes Hands Foundation (the non-profit organization behind and the Spanish ) held a  poetry contest.  They had to choose from over 100 beautiful poems, which must have been an impossible task, to bring this book to life.

2106-NoSugarAddedPoetry_1-300x232The No-Sugar Added Poetry book is organized by the stages of life with diabetes – from diagnosis to acceptance – all described through poetry.  It features work by many brilliant people:

J. Donovan, Katherine Marple, J. Davis Harte, R. Pandolph, Sugarbabie, J. Goodman, Terry Keelan, Sohair Abdel-Rahman, Judith Catterall, Jerry Nairn, D. Barh, Miriam E. Tucker, Amber Gerstung, Linda Gauvin-Miller, Melissa B.L., Heidi V. Shell, Kh

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8 thoughts on “No-Sugar Added Poetry Book

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  2. Well, thanks for appreciating. IF only Manila is not that far from where you are, I’d sign your copy! Thanks again!

  3. There were a couple of poems in there which actually brought me to sniveling and sobbing tears. So… I know where you’re coming from. This whole project was such a gift.

  4. I’m clapping with delight at the picture of us with Dr. Polonsky! It was so unspeakably awesome to meet him, wasn’t it?? The poetry book is fabulous, and I hope everyone who can, buys it. It’s such a treasure. Or like you said, there’s still time to enter the contest on my site for a chance to win. I haven’t gotten very many entries either, so the chances of winning one are pretty good 🙂