(see other arm)

I went to a small, but growing, local type 1 meet-up last night, and had a blast, as usual.

Mike, Peterspoon, Dean, Scott

This picture happened at about 10:30 PM, just before the gals working at Caribou Coffee kicked us off the patio.  We all stayed out WAY longer than any of us intended to.  But good company and great conversation makes time fly, and I bet we could have kept talking for hours more.I love meet-ups.  I have never been to a meet-up that I didn’t enjoy, and more importantly, I’ve never been to a meet-up that didn’t keep me thinking long after it ended.

People with diabetes are amazing.  The strength we have that allows us to push through each and every day, knowing full well that the next day will be full of diabetes too, inspires me.

Listening to others talk about their life with diabetes fills me with power to keep trying.

Listening to others talk about their life with diabetes energizes me.

Finding great examples of how to grab a few chuckles along the way just makes it that much sweeter (pun completely intended).

If you live with type 1 diabetes and are near the Twin Cities Metro area, we would love to have you join us.  The more the merrier.

Mike with a diabetes medical alert symbol on one arm, and (see other arm) on the other.

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21 thoughts on “(see other arm)

  1. I agree with all of you in that meet ups are a fantastic way to connect with other diabetics and see how others work with what they’ve got. This was my first opportunity to get together with other diabetics like this and I really enjoyed it! I had an awesome time meeting everyone and sharing conversation, common ground, and laughter. I am looking forward to the next meeting and hope to see even more faces!

  2. Yay for meet ups! My husband and I are just getting one stated in the Chicago area and you have just reiterated every reason why we are doing so! Thanks for keeping it real.

  3. I very much enjoy these meet ups also. Great people and I really enjoy the conversations.
    I know that my short time experience as a Type 1, a little over a year, can have both positive and negative affects on my perception and treatment of my diabetes.
    On the positive side I don’t carry any baggage at all from the early years. After talking with many Type 1 D’s that have dealt with it since childhood, some as many as thirty years, I now realize that in many cases it’s more than just the diabetes. I can only imagine what it was like as a child. I think those of you diagnosed as a young child deserve more credit then you’ll ever get.
    I have never been the kind of guy that tests the water or gets his feet wet first. I usually run as fast as I can, jump as high as I can, and do the perfect “Cannonball”. I look at my diabetes the same way. I’m “all in” on controling my BG and have never waivered and pray to God that I never will.
    As I type along here I need to find the negative side, right? Other than the lack of experience I think to myself problems of any kind are usually only opportunities to shine.
    For those of you that were at the meet up you know I have never been to “Mamby Pamby Land” and probably won’t be going anytime soon. We all need to motivate ourselves, with help from whoever or whatever you can get it from, and plain and simple, control your BG.
    If we won’t control our BG for ourselves, look around, I bet you’ll find some one who wishes you would. I look into the eyes of my family everyday and think about how bad it would hurt them if I don’t take care of my Diabetes. That, along with the fact that I really enjoy life myself motivates me to do whatever it takes.

  4. You guys KNOW it can’t be a meet-up where I am involved without a bunch of diet sodapop bottles/cans! Haha!
    And YES! Sara! You were at the very first one from the “internet era” of local D Meet-ups!
    Thanks Bernard – You’d love Mike, he’s such a funny guy!
    jenn_ns – Good eye! It’s a tube of glucose tabs! I needed a couple just a few minutes before we took the picture. 🙂

  5. hey… that looks like a bottle of test strips in your hand! /shrug And the Diet coke bottles do kinda jump out at you!!!

  6. That would be SO GREAT!
    We are unsure of the exact location yet, we’re thinking of somewhere in the Brooklyn Park area?
    We’ve been rotating it around a bit because folks have been coming from all sorts of different directions. Everywhere from Hastings to the far side of Lake Minnetonka.

  7. that tattoo is awesome!!! i recently got a very similar tattoo. except mine has type 2 on top of it and diabetic on the bottom… i loved the idea of it and ran with it. glad you enjoyed the meet up!!

  8. I wish I could have made it there! I’m glad you all had a good time. Me and my opinions will try and be there next time. Jennifer

  9. LMAO!!! im missing something here.i dont get why a lot of these meet ups are littered with diet coke !! lmao. and im there!
    i think we could have gone all night.i seen a perspective i have not felt in a long long time! i really enjoyed meeting and talking with everyone.we kicked a lot of things around because something was important to someone.it was interesting because we had “new” middle” and “long”
    views.im glad i was able to go.
    thanks to all of you.