(Also) Guest Posting at DSMA Today


DSMALive-LogoThey swear they did not coordinate this, but my guest post for DSMA also went up today (the same day my guest post was published on George’s blog).What is DSMA?  DSMA stands for Diabetes Social Media Advocacy.  There is a weekly “twitter chat“, every Wednesday evening at 9PM EST, followed by a live radio show on Thursday evenings (again at 9PM EST).Cherise, founder/creator of DSMA, is such a wonderful person, and does so much for the Diabetes Online Community.  I’m grateful to know her (hat tip to Dana M. Lewis, creator of the Healthcare Communications & Social Media (#hcsm) twitter chat, who set a great example for Cherise to follow, supported the inspiration, and was gracious with her time and advice).

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3 thoughts on “(Also) Guest Posting at DSMA Today

  1. Wow! Great post and thank you for guest posting for DSMA! Dana is an awesome person and very smart. I promise I did not know you were a guest on G’s blog.