Ninjabetic Weekend – Saturday – The Afterparty

I’m revisiting the tail end of my time in Los Angeles celebrating with George for his 20 year diabetes diagnosis anniversary.   There’s just a few more stories (and pictures) to share before I can close the book on that adventure.

After the celebration everyone parted ways for a little siesta.  We met up a bit later for dinner for more visiting and lots of laughing.

Picture of Melissa, Chris, Sara, Lee Ann and Scott at the restaurant.

I started double-fisting Diet Coke’s early in the evening.  Didn’t take too many Diet Cokes before I dropped my Dexcom into a pile of ketchup and the bartender had to cut me off.

Picture of my Dexcom in a pile of ketchup and me laughing

It took a bit of work to clean it up, but in the end it was probably better in the ketchup than in my sodapop.  Do you think ketchup voids my warranty?

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7 thoughts on “Ninjabetic Weekend – Saturday – The Afterparty

  1. Looks like you guys had a great time.
    And no I think your good with the ketchup. I can think of a lot worse places to drop the dex!