Whiffle Ball With Joe

Day two with the CWD faculty has been great. I keep meeting new people, and I’m getting to spend some time with people I know of, or know about, but up until now didn’t know personally. I love all of them so far.

There’s that instant respect and understanding when you are talking to someone who “get’s it”. It’s an unspoken subtle vibe that says “I understand life with diabetes, and I know that it can be hard, and that it can be confusing and frustrating, and that diabetes is diabetes.” I could talk with them forever, and still want more time & conversation.

The morning was spent meeting and talking business, and even that was exciting and informative for me. We spent the afternoon team building (a.k.a. playing on the beach).

I got involved in a very serious whiffle ball tournament against Joe Solowiejczyk and his crew (Neal Billetdeaux, Tim H., & Monica L). Let me tell you – Joe is pretty bad at whiffle ball. Let me also tell you – I’m even worse than Joe!

It was good that we could keep each other company on that end of the whiffle ball talent spectrum. I know I felt better not being alone anyway.

On a more serious note, not being alone is an important part of why the conferences and events that CWD put together are so important. I’ll get into that more, but not until later this week.

To end the afternoon on the beach I tried my hand at a weird game that the kids of CWD taught me. “Wah wah” is what it is called, and I can’t even begin to describe it. But let it be said that I held my own, even beating out a bunch of pro’s, and earned myself a little bit of street cred. I’m pretty sure that I saw Jeff Hitchcock trying to distract me taking pictures, so I’ll get them online as soon as he gets them off his camera.


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