Sun Hats and Funny Pictures

Picture of Sam & I trying on goofy beach hats in the gift shop

Sam & Scott trying on hats

On the beach for the CWD Staff Retreat on Wednesday, I got pretty sunburned.  It was bad enough to give me a little headache later in the evening, and I thought I’d be miserable for another day or two.  Thankfully, after washing up for the night, putting on some fancy hotel brand lotion, and getting a good night’s rest, I felt pretty good the next day.

Before heading outside again I decided I should probably get a big sun hat and some sunscreen lotion (like I should have done the first day!).  So I stopped by the gift shop at the hotel, and found Sam Billetdeaux and his girlfriend down there.  Sam is a fun guy, so I asked him to help me find a good hat. We decided against being serious and productive, and instead had a little fun.

We did not choose either of these fine examples of sunblocking brimmage, but I found a nice big hat that would get the job done.  As soon as the pictures start coming online from people (Jeff & Kerri), I’ll grab one and show you how it looked.  I even managed to pack it in my suitcase for the trip home without destroying it!

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The hat looks great….. The sun can be unforgiving to unexposed surfaces. I’m a previous Florida girl, grew up in Miami and the sun can be unforgiving. Cover up!

But Warning………In a few days look out for pieces of skin pealing off. Enjoy the Sun.


You know, with the right hand bag and shoes that hat would be appropriate for cocktail parties.

I’m just saying.




i expect to see you wearing it at the next meet up!


bring it to Florida!!