The Sun Hat

I have rarely, if ever, seen Jeff Hitchcock without a camera.  Not only does he always have a camera with him, he also knows how to use it.  Jeff spends much of the conferences roaming around with his camera and capturing some of the magic.  I love that he does that!  Most of the pictures from the 2011 Family Support Weekend are online now, and there is a good one of my new sun hat.  Thanks Jeff!

I said in yesterday’s post that I’d get a picture up soon, so here it is.  This is Kerri and I presenting to the CWD teens.  I was so impressed with how savvy these teens were when it comes to behavior and safety online and in social media.  They know the deal, their parents have taught them well, and they also watch and learn from everyone they see.  They are so bright, and it was a real treat to get to know them a bit.  Can’t wait until the next time I see them.

Kerri & Scott presenting to the CWD Teens - Credit Jeff Hitchcock

The Sun Hat - Credit, Jeff Hitchcock

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Scott-I really enjoy reading your post about CWD. The hat is a bonus!!!


the hat!! i love the is you.the hat.


That, my friend, is a kick ass hat. (And you were also kick ass at the aforementioned session. It was a pleasure to be your co-presenter!!!)


Nice!!! Who invited Indiana Jones to the party?!?