2011 Weekend for Women Conference

Weekend for Women ConferenceIn an effort to help spread the word about great things happening around the diabetes community, I’d like to share that Diabetes Sisters recently opened up registration for the 2011 Weekend for Women Conference in Raleigh, NC.  The conference will take place on April 29th through May 1, 2011, and I’m totally jealous that I can’t attend (maybe I can buy a wig and fake it?).

From the press release:

The Weekend for Women Conference is open to all women with diabetes age 18 and older.  Participants will attend educational sessions on gender-specific topics related to diabetes treatment and management (such as pregnancy, body image, concurrent illnesses, nutrition, physical fitness), engage with other women living successfully with diabetes, receive unbiased information on the emergence of new equipment and medications, and learn new tactics for improving their mental and physical health.  The Conference Exhibit Hall will be open from 8am-5pm on Saturday, April 30th.

There will be a special guest for the Saturday breakfast – Gloria Loring!

Gloria LoringI was excited to see this because one of my best friends recently interviewed Gloria for his podcast (taking advantage of the opportunity to plug his show!).  Spud is a magical musician and producer who has been interviewing some huge names in the music industry.  To get to know a little more about Gloria Loring, spend a few minutes listening to his interview with her, then check out some of his other work.

If you’d like to learn more about the 2011 Weekend for Women Conference, take a look at the conference information, or www.diabetessisters.org.

I totally agree with Kerri, in that niche groups are like customized care, and I’m all for people getting what they need.  Have all sorts of fun ladies!  Please report back on all of the great stuff you learn and fun you have!

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3 thoughts on “2011 Weekend for Women Conference

  1. Thanks for sharing, Scott! These things look great! My only question is how can people afford to attend these types of conferences? Any tips on that? Like will insurance cover!? 😉

    • Hi Adrienne!

      Thanks for reading and commenting – I appreciate it.

      That’s the million dollar question, isn’t it? It is so expensive for travel and lodging to get to so many of these things. I don’t believe insurance will cover them. Many people make these conferences their family vacations, but that’s hard too – I know I’ve never had the money to do that, diabetes related conferences or not.

      Some conferences have some scholarship programs, but they are few and far between unfortunately. Other people find a way to volunteer to help out, which helps get them into the events, but doesn’t cover travel and room costs. A lot of people room together to help cut the cost.

      It breaks my heart that it costs so much to get to some of these great events, because I want every single person to have a chance to experience the magic that so many of these offer.

      Great questions – I wish I had some better answers. Maybe other readers can help offer some information too?

  2. I certainly wish you were going to be there Scott. Would be lovely to see your shining face particularly as I’ll be standing up in front of the 200 attendees at Saturday night’s dinner…