Screen Capture of Diaboogle.comWhat is “Diaboogle“?

It is a neat search tool that Bernard Farrell has put together.

For a bunch of years, Bernard has been building this custom search tool.  When you search for something, using this tool, it will only search diabetes related websites that Bernard has personally reviewed.

At this time, I think there are just over 1,500 websites that he has added into the tool.  If you are looking for something diabetes related, this might be a good place to start.

Knowing that my search will be gracefully ignoring sites that are full of garbage, or that might be selling snakeoil, is comforting to me.

Bernard does his best to only include solid, reliable sites. But we are still dealing with the internet here – do not make any self-care decisions before talking with your healthcare provider.

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11 thoughts on “Diaboogle?

  1. Have to thank my beautiful wife for that name, she’s a genius. Also for the site design. Thanks for the shoutout!

    Scott I did visit all of these sites when I first added them and read for a while to make sure they’re genuine. I’ve started to revisit them all in case they’ve gone over to selling snake oil. It is AMAZING how many truly crappy ‘diabetes’ sites there are out there,