Exclusive Footage! RawSugar Turkish Style

Exclusive footage of a DOC late-night #sweatabetes session at the recent Medtronic Diabetes Advocates Forum featuring superstar Blunt Lancet keyboardist Kelly “RawSugar” Rawlings knocking out a couple of Turkish Getups.

Special “Shout Out” to Ginger “SuperCoach” Vieira – the group’s remote fitness consultant!

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9 thoughts on “Exclusive Footage! RawSugar Turkish Style

  1. Way to go! You guys were SO inspiring and I was so glad I was there to see it live!!
    Of course, wearing a dress in the gym is really conducive for a quality workout 😉
    Though, I was working my inner valley girl – “It’s for your inner core, right?”
    Your inner cores ROCK!!!

  2. Kelly – I love the tradition we have started!

    Sysy – Thanks! Hope your back is Ok!

    Karen – Couldn’t have done it without you yelling at Kelly to watch her head… Haha!! 🙂

    Leah – You’re the best Leah – hope to see you soon!

    Bernard – Thanks man, I’ve been practicing. Ginger says we’re doing three minutes straight at the next Roche Summit!

  3. Scott, I remember you doing these for the first time last year in Florida. Think I also tried and those are difficult. You make them look really easy now, good for you. Do you do these regularly, or just every so often?

  4. If you watch it again you hear Scott say…”you pick your whole butt off the ground!…and there you go!” this is good stuff. I think that quote is what we all need to hear in life! :o)

  5. Love love love this!!!! You two were AWESOME with those crazy Turkish get-ups!!! I also love that we can see Dana hula-hooping in the background!! And I’m such a mother hen “Kelly, watch your head . . . watch your HEAD!!” (as I sit on my lazy butt and watch – LOL).

  6. Hehe you guys are awesome! I was doing these with a 15 pound kettle bell and eventually hurt my back. So it’s recommended people do it this way for a long time until the form is perfect and then perhaps add a weight. Your form looks tip top Scott, way to go! This is definitely harder than you make it look!

  7. Yes, this felt as painful as it looks! Thanks, Scott, for the coaching and the new DOC meet-up tradition: Late Night Sweatbetes. And thanks George, Kelly, Dana, and Karen for the #sweatbetes support. Me & my blood sugars love you all.