Admiring Differences!

This is my first post for the 2nd Annual Diabetes Blog Week (thanks Karen!)

Our assignment for today is to pick a type of blogger who is different than me and talk about why they inspire me, why I admire them, and why it’s great that we are all the same but different.

There are so many great story-tellers out there, and sticking friends and family into categories, or types, feels like an extra step.  A very difficult extra step.

But working my brain very hard to talk specifically about differences, I’m going to talk about two people who are very special to me.  Bob and Rachel.

Bob and Rachel both live with type 2 diabetes.  They are among a small minority of bloggers with type 2, and I’m so thankful they are sharing their stories.  There are many fantastic bloggers who live with type 2 (hi Mike!), but Bob and Rachel are both heavy on my mind tonight because they talk often about the mental aspects of living with diabetes.   Actually, maybe it’s more accurate to say that most T2 bloggers I know talk often about the mental aspects, but for whatever reason, Bob and Rachel resonate for me.

What they have helped me learn is that mental struggles, for any reasons, are a lot alike.  They are always different, because we are all different.  Maybe never more different than inside our heads.  But it’s the way we are different that is also somehow all too familiar.

The art with which these two talk of their journeys in and out of they dark places is something special.  Nobody likes to talk about the dark places because they are lonely, and dark, and terrifying.  But it is very important to share experiences about it, as hard as it may be, because others need to see that they are not alone.

Just like why so many of us blog about diabetes.

Breaking isolation down is one step towards empowered action.  It takes many steps, empowered action does. Sometimes knocking back isolation is the first one, which might be a life-changer for someone.

Thank you Bob and Rachel, for all that you do, and for continuing to tell your story, even through the dark times.  I admire your bravery, your honesty, and your gift.  Most of all, I admire your generosity for sharing with us.

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