A Letter or Two

Logo for Second Annual Diabetes Blog WeekFor my second post in the 2011 Diabetes Blog Week I am writing letters.  Two of them actually.

Don’t worry, they are short and to the point.

Letter One:

Dear Internet,

Thank you for making it possible to connect with so many other people living with diabetes.  You have made it possible for all of these amazing people to talk to each other, share their stories, and break away the isolation that we all feel from time to time.

You have changed my life for the better, and I’m forever grateful.

I love that smart people have found so many fun ways for us to talk to each other.  Way to go smart people!

Love, Scott

Letter Two:

Dear cold/sinus/allergy/whatever thingy,

Please leave.  I’m tired and way too busy to mess around with you.  I also miss my basketball.  You need to go away now.

Sniffles and Sneezes, Scott

That’s all I’ve got for tonight folks. I need more rest.

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7 thoughts on “A Letter or Two

  1. Sorry you’re not feeling well, Scott. Green tea vibes your way, or whatever… Thanks for the short and sweet notes – and dude that Internet that connects us all: AWESOME! Rest up, my friend. Hope you feel better soon!

  2. Sorry about your cold… hope you’re back to b’ball soon.
    What a great idea… Dear Internet.
    I think I’d have killed myself by now (well, maybe) without the DOC.