We’re Just Beginning – 2011 Roche Social Media Summit

@RotoTok says “you guys are just beginning to understand how powerful you are when you come together and work on an idea” #dsummit

JDRF President & CEO, Jeffrey Brewer, spent lunch with us. How brave to submit himself to an open Q & A session with a bunch of rowdy social media advocates! There are many things JDRF is working on that most of us have no idea about. I find a lot of hope in that.

But nobody knowing about these efforts leads to a lot of unfair attitudes towards JDRF. It seems Mr. Brewer knows this, and is working on better communication and education.

Just before lunch we heard from Isabella Platon with the International Diabetes Federation. These guys are providing so much to so many in need, yet we know so little about them here in the US.

@scottkjohnson: I feel very distant and disconnected from the IDF, and I want to change that. They need our help, and we need their reach. #dsummit

Their President, Jean Claude Mbanya, was able to share a few words with us at dinner, and it was very moving. There are people dying every single day because they can’t access insulin. Something so many of us take for granted.

That should not be happening in 2011.

At the end of the day? There are so many important causes, and not enough resources to work on them. How do you choose where to spend your energy?

How do you figure out where you can make the most impact?

How do you make sure you’re not spinning your wheels and not making any difference at all?

How can you ignore any area of diabetes advocacy and still sleep well at night?

How do you choose?

How do you choose.

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9 thoughts on “We’re Just Beginning – 2011 Roche Social Media Summit

  1. Great perspective, as always Scott – and thanks for the kind words. I think there’s going to be a lot of good that comes from this summit, and I can’t wait to get started. 🙂

  2. I like what Sysy said there – we all have our “micro”-causes within diabetes advocacy and I would hope that between all of us, we’re covering everything. No one person has to do it all.

  3. Great post, Scott. Thanks for sharing it. Yes, it was also so moving to hear the IDF passion on this, in a way that enables us to share that message with more people and push for a change on this. Same with Jeffrey Brewer and all the other discussion. These experiences help us be able to connect the dots, and be an even stronger Diabetes Community not only nationally but worldwide.

  4. I was very moved by Jean Claude and by Jeffrey Brewer’s speeches for different reasons. The lack of insulin to kids with diabetes in the 3rd world is horrific, I think we need to highlight this so more people are aware of it.

  5. Great post, Scott! You know how people hash out which cause is better to promote, like PETA or hunger, or disease cures, or the environment?

    I think the best cause to promote is the cause a person is most motivated to work for and the one that fits a person’s gifts the best.

    Luckily, each one of us is different and our passions regarding diabetes varies. We all care about different aspects of diabetes but our gifts make it so we’re more helpful to one aspect more than another.

    So in the end, if we all acknowledge each other’s passion and work and support each other’s efforts, everything should get covered.

  6. The issues with providing insulin to diabetics in economically-depressed areas and emerging nations are logistical and economic: Where there is no refrigeration, how do you keep insulin cold? Where people can’t afford the most basic food, how can they spare money for insulin (or not sell the insulin and supplies on the black market to pay for food)?

    Until we have some degree of food security in these areas, we will have major issues trying to provide insulin to those who need it for life.