Quick Updates: Dawn Phenom, Big Blue Test, & GE Helping Miami

Logo for Insulindependence Have you heard of insulindependence?  They are  an organization working to get people active with their diabetes.  With chapters all around the country, they organize events for PWD’s to get out and get moving.  Many of the people involved are incredible athletes – and they are inspiring in their own right.  But you don’t need to have ANY athletic abilities or talent to get involved with these guys.  They are working to get anybody living with diabetes moving.  If you can walk, you can get involved.

There is a local event, called Dawn Phenom, this Sunday (November 13, 2011), 10:00 AM – Noon, at Minnehaha Regional Park in Minneapolis.  No need to register or RSVP.  Just show up and be ready to walk or run (me?  I’m a walker…).   My goal in participating is to help spread awareness of this great group, and to show people that anyone can get involved.  You don’t have to be an athlete to get active.  I hope to see you Sunday!

Do The Big Blue Test!Big Blue Test! 

Have you done the Big Blue Test yet?  It’s super easy, anyone and everyone can do it.  Each test equals a life saving donation.  The goal is to get 8,000 tests (periods of activity) from participants with and without diabetes.

You can do the test multiple times per day (test, get active, test again, share), and you can do it every day up until World Diabetes Day (November 14, 2011).  Donations will be going to 1 international organization, and 5 domestic organizations (more details).  By participating and spreading the word, you will be helping people here in the United States who desperately need it.    What are you waiting for?  Do the Big Blue Test!

GE’s Developing Health Program

Check acceptance photo

I don’t normally publish press releases that are pitched to me, but I think this one is pretty neat.  GE’s Developing Health Program recently donated $3 Million to Health Choice Network of Florida to help people living with diabetes in Miami-Dade County.  The grant will establish a healthcare center for 10,000 local patients who live with diabetes.  The goal is to provide high quality care that will decrease expensive hospital stays and emergency room visits.

Well done GE.  Well done.

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