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Insulindependence is a group of incredibly inspirational athletes living with diabetes who are on a mission to get people living with diabetes active.  I know what you’re thinking.  You are thinking that you are not an athlete, you are not active, you don’t have it in you.  Bologna (I love how that word doesn’t look like it sounds…).

You don’t have to be anything to get involved with Insulindependence except diabetic and interested.  Talking to this year’s captain, Andrew Michelson, they want anyone and everyone to get out and get active with them.  Young and old, fit or not.

This group is all about moving with diabetes, getting together with other PWD’s (people with diabetes), and talking about what works.  It’s a big information exchange, which is perfect if you’re having trouble with activity and exercise.

On Sunday morning we met at 10:00 AM at Minnehaha park in Minneapolis.  We all talked for a while, then the group split up into the runners and the walkers.  The runners went off for a light 2-mile run, and the walkers walked and talked for about a mile.

Group picture
Walkers and Runners getting active with diabetes!

It sounds like the goal is to meet monthly and try a bunch of different activities.  Everything from spinning, light workouts in a gym, and climbing, to snowshoeing and skiing.

There are a lot of things I’d like to try, but have been hesitant because I’m just not sure how to do it or how to manage my blood sugars around it.  What better way to experiment with new activities than with a group of like-minded people who all know about diabetes?

Let me know if you’d like more information about the group and/or upcoming events.  There is a Facebook page for stuff here in the Twin Cities, MN area.

There are Insulindependence events happening all around the country.  Subscribe to their mailing list (on their webpage) to get notified about all of the events coming up.

Exercise is important for us, but it is also a bit scary and intimidating.  This is a great way to work through whatever is slowing you down.

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