28% Interested (a.k.a. Distracted!)

I recently had a dream that I was attending the ‘Design of Medical Devices‘ conference at the University of Minnesota.  I had no idea such a thing existed until somebody signed me up to their mailing list. I was hoping for a free invitation, but nothing ever came of it.  Must have been someone’s idea of advertising.

In my dream, I was sitting at a table with a number of other people, all of us listening to presentations.  One guy had designed a wireless blood sugar interest monitor.  That’s right, interest.  As in, how interested are you with your current blood sugar?

It looked just like a wireless router, hanging high on the wall just above a light, and it was giving this guy a readout of everyone at the table.

Sketch of my dream image

0% interested, 0.01% interested, 0% interested, then he got to me.  28% interested.  Almost a third of my active brainpower was being consumed just worrying about my blood sugar.

I know it was just a dream, but I’d say there’s a pretty good slice of reality in there somewhere.

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10 thoughts on “28% Interested (a.k.a. Distracted!)

  1. I’m just wondering if the “BG interest %” is subject to the same 20% variation that actual BG meters allow.

    But, personally, I find it works just the opposite. When I’m preoccupied with something (read “distracted”), it takes my attention away from my blood sugar. Only when I’m really bored to I pay close attention to it, because it gives me something to do.

  2. I’d wonder WHY you were that interested in your blood sugar – is it the reading or the idea of what your BG is? And just exactly HOW do those 0% and .01% managed to do that????

    • Made perfect sense in my dream Mike. That 28% is a constant under-current of concern/awareness of our blood sugar. As in, we are always using up a third of our brainpower just managing BGs.

      Those other people? The 0% people don’t even have diabetes on their radar. The 0.01% person has had their doctor mention something about diabetes to them, maybe even using the “pre-diabetes” term or something similar.

    • And more importantly, why they never actually INVITED us! I would have loved to go, and wouldn’t even have had to travel anywhere.

      At $715 for the full event, there’s no way I could do it.