Questions are the Answer

This PSA resonated with me, so I wanted to help spread the word.

It’s all about being an empowered patient and asking questions, and having a discussion with your doctor about your health.  It’s from the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, a government agency with a mission to improve the quality, safety, efficiency, and effectiveness of health care for all Americans.

And here is a little blurb from their PA Specialist on how to find more information:

“Questions are the Answer” features a website — — where you  will find these free educational tools to use with your patients:

  • 7-minute video featuring real-life patients and clinicians who give firsthand accounts on the importance of asking questions and sharing information – this tool is ideal for a patient waiting room area and can be set to run on a continuous loop.
  • A brochure, titled Be More Involved in Your Health Care: Tips for Patients,” that offers helpful suggestions to follow before, during and after a medical visit.
  • Notepads to help patients prioritize the top three questions they wish to ask during their medical appointment.

Clinicians can request a free supply of these materials by calling AHRQ at 1-800-358-9295 or sending an email to[email protected].

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6 thoughts on “Questions are the Answer

  1. So important. I write my questions down and my endo always takes time to answer them all. She likes the fact that when it comes to my diabetes I am proactive, not prozactive.