D-Blog Week: One Great Thing – Activity!

Third Annual Diabetes Blog Week! Today’s assignment is called “One Great Thing” – what is just one diabetes thing I do spectacularly?

Most of the time, activity is easy for me.  I love playing basketball, and most weeks I’m able to play four or five days per week.

There is a YMCA near where I used to work where there are always guys playing basketball over the lunch hours.  They start every weekday at 11:30 AM and play until people get tired or have to go.  There have been days where we played until nearly 3:00 PM!

I love that it is YMCA basketball.  Anybody can find a spot to play, regardless of age, athletic ability, or basketball talent level.  They also run a fair system, which keeps the games moving and makes sure to rotate everyone through.  Nobody has to wait longer than anyone else to play.  None of us are getting paid to play, and everyone is there to have fun and get some exercise.

From what I understand, they’ve been playing basketball up there since before I was born.

When I get pulled away for a stretch or am out for an injury, what I end up missing the most is fellowship with the guys.  It’s in my nature to be a bit social.  Working from home has some benefits, but socializing isn’t one of them.  Basketball at the YMCA fills my desire to interact, as well as providing some exercise.  At least when I remember to bring my shorts

How blessed am I to get exercise through something I have fun doing?

I’m going through withdrawal right now though.  Through the month of May, I am on strict instructions from my TeamWILD coaches to stay away from basketball.  I’m most of the way through an 18-week training program in preparation for a HUGE bike ride on the first weekend of June, and I’m following their instructions as best I can.

I can survive a month without basketball, and I’m staying active by logging hours and miles on the bike.

Gotta keep moving!

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