D-Blog Week: One Thing to Improve

Third Annual Diabetes Blog Week! The assignment for today is to talk about one thing we could improve on in our diabetes management.  I didn’t have to think much if at all, about what that thing would be for me.  Carb counting.  Or maybe I should say accurate carb counting.

One does not simply count carbohydrates

I fully recognize the critical nature of counting my carbohydrates.  I know that if I don’t get it right I’ll end up too high or too low shortly after (though, to be fair, even if I do get it right that may still happen).  But there is something that bothers me deep inside about having to count my food.

It’s not necessarily about learning to eat proper portion sizes. Even if I ate less, I’d still have to count it, and that bothers me.

Diabetes in my life has led to an unhealthy relationship with food.  I have a lot of anger around that.  When I’m ready to dig in and work on it, I know I’ll have my hands full and will need a lot of help.  DOC – I’ll be leaning on you guys, big time.

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6 thoughts on “D-Blog Week: One Thing to Improve

  1. We’re here, Scott! I know that you know that….that is what makes the DOC so awesome! I “count” carbs only in that I want to be aware of how many I’m consuming in a meal/day, but with no insulin use I don’t have to be so picky about it like you do. I hope that if I get to that point I’ll be able to do it with finesse. I’ll be leaning on you then! 🙂

  2. omg george yes i feel the same way!

    also, scott, that macro is so awesome, my kid saw one that said “one does not simply…change their lancet in a timely fashion” or similar and now she always quotes it. she’s never even seen lotr (though i am a big fan and have all the EE dvds here, maybe that’s on tap for the next rainy weekend).

  3. Carb counting actually makes me eat worse. I would rather buy packaged food with exact counts than make something healthy and guess.

    Lame but truth.

  4. I don’t have diabetes, yet diabetes in my life has led to an unhealthy realationship with food too.

    You have an army out there waiting in the wings to help you anytime!