Other Posts? Where?

I stay pretty busy writing. But most of it doesn’t end up posted here.  I’m struggling with how to keep you up to date with new stuff without being obnoxious about it.

Would it be best to post here each time something new is online?  Or should I keep adding links to the “Other Articles” page listed above?  Anyone out there care? What would you prefer?  What would make it easiest for you?

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13 thoughts on “Other Posts? Where?

  1. Depending on how often your stuff appears elsewhere, I’d suggest a periodic (weekly?) summary of that other stuff. If every post here links to an article somewhere else, people may decide there’s no point following this blog at all, and we definitely don’t want that!

  2. Yes, please give us updates and links. Wil has done this for a while at his blog and although I miss his (your) frequent posts, it’s at least a way to keep up with your thoughts and activities.

    When you don’t post very often, I quit checking your blog and then I feel crummy when I miss something.

    I’m increasingly finding that some of my favorite bloggers (including you) are too busy making a living from opportunities resulting from your blog to post anymore. Actually that’s really fantastic, but we miss you.

  3. More Scott Johnson is always a good thing – and I certainly want to follow you around to where ever on the web you happen to be at any given time. So yes, gimme a link here, so I can follow you there!! 😉 (That’s what I do when my posts go up on The Loop, so I hope people don’t consider it obnoxious. But if it is, please let me know and I’ll stop!!)

  4. This is your home. We come over to visit and you want to show us around, cool. A slideshow. Maybe a photo album, the yard., Whatever. It;s your home and we are visiting! Show us around!

    That made a lot of sense in my head., I hope you get it.

    wait, of course you do,

  5. I’d concur with what the others said (my mom, too!!). I have liked the one page on Other Articles to keep tabs on the latest and be able to scroll through to see any I might’ve missed. But it would help capture some via Google Reader or any other readers by posting individually, and maybe having a teaser sentence or something. Whatever’s easiest for you, Scott! Love reading you, wherever it might be.

  6. Post them here, include a quote or an introduction to give it context.

    And by all means, please be obnoxious about it. If someone else wants you to write content for them you have the right to be proud, and to brag a little.

  7. I’d like to know because I like to read your stuff. Maybe if you put a link to the other pages on here it would make it easy to find.