Rolling with the D (hat Tip to Scott E.)

Scott over at “Rolling in the D” wrote a great post Monday about driving with diabetes.

He read an article on Sunday in his local paper about a PWD dealing with a low blood sugar who was beaten by police for resisting arrest.

It’s a terrifying situation, and every single one of us is vulnerable.  The tighter we manage our diabetes, the more likely we are to have lows. And what do we know about lows? They compromise the one thing we need to get through it safely – our brain.

What more can I do besides wear appropriate medical id? And is that even enough? What if the officers don’t see it?  What if I’m combative?

In 2009 I saw a news blurb about this type of thing and started searching for ways to keep me safe. I wear a medical id bracelet AND necklace, and frankly, what good do those do me in a situation like this? I found a “Diabetic Driver” (site/link currently not working properly) sticker and put them on my vehicle. But that’s a dicey decision too, right? Not everyone is comfortable telling the world about their diabetes.

However, telling the world about my diabetes is exactly what I need if I’m so low that my brain isn’t working right.

The possibility of this situation scares the crap out of me.

There are more thoughts and discussion on an older post here.

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