DBlog Week – Day 2 – We, The Undersigned

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Recently various petitions have been circulating the Diabetes Online Community, so today let’s pretend to write our own. Tell us who you would write the petition to – a person, an organization, even an object (animate or inanimate) – get creative!! What are you trying to change and what have you experienced that makes you want this change? (Thanks to Briley of inDpendence for this topic suggestion.)

My petition goes out to those who have thought about starting a blog/vlog/tumblr/twitter/<insert favorite social media channel here>.

This is short and sweet.

Someone out there needs your story. They need YOUR story. You are the voice that can help them turn the corner.

Ask us for help if you need it. I think it’s safe to say that we’re all more than happy to help a new voice join the choir.

Don’t overthink it.

Just do it.


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21 thoughts on “DBlog Week – Day 2 – We, The Undersigned

  1. Your right on! A wise blogger shared with me at FFL “don’t blog for stats, write to help someone”! I write in hopes that one dad each week/day will have the courage and encouragement to help out with caring for their child with diabetes. I’ve gotten encouragement from many different blogs, written my many different people: DMoms, PWD guys, PWD ladies even a couple of Ddads. Just Do It! Thanks for writing this, I hope someone is inspired!

  2. Despite my years of blogging, even *I* was nervous about starting a whole new one. I was like “Really? You want to add ANOTHER ONE to the mix?” But there’s no one out there just like me, and you’re right, all of our voices share something unique that can’t be found. 🙂

  3. This is great. Totally agree! And I agree with Ali above, thank you so much for the comments you leave to help keep me going. Your encouragement means a lot to me and many others!

  4. I wholeheartedly support this petition. I started blogging a couple of years ago (but not on D). When the blogging site had to close, I decided to start a new blog and this time on T2D. I initially focused my search in the DOC for blogs by T2D, but I have discovered so many T1D or just D blogs that have expanded, not just my knowledge of Diabetes, but my exposure to creativity, talent, ideas – it’s incredible. Plus, it’s so cathartic for the blogger. Every diabetic or PWD wins!

  5. I really like this! For years I had been wanting to blog about my experience with diabetes and I thought, “who cares what I have to say” but so many people have welcomed me into the DOC. It’s an amazing feeling to know that others understand what I am going through. If I could do that for just one person I would be the happiest ever.

  6. Scott, this is a good idea. I agree that we can provide encouragement, inspiration, and hope to others. My blog site on bloggers.com has more than 60 blogs, but very few people view the site, and there are so few replies. I am thinking about giving up, it seems to be a waste of my time. There may be things I can do to draw more followers, but I am at a loss on how to accomplish that. I can post something on my Facebook page and get a hundred ‘likes’ and dozens of replies, so maybe that is the way I should communicate with the diabetic world. Maybe I don’t need a blog site. If you disagree, please let me know. Thanks!

    • Richard, you have at least one huge fan in me. I read your blog as often as time allows.

      In my opinion, you have to choose the communication channels that feel best to you. For me, blogging is therapeutic, so I continue to do it.

      There’s no rule that says you can’t do Facebook AND your blog. 🙂

  7. Absolutely LOVE this, Scott!!! What a great message and target for a petition. “Just Do It” – Not just a Nike message for athletes anymore, it’s for the future DOC, too! Great post.