Teens with Diabetes – Free Driving Clinic in Chicago

Wednesday of last week I sat down with Tom Bregmann to learn more about his non-profit foundation called Juvenile Diabetes No Limits. He’s a Minneapolis area guy, and I do whatever I can to connect with local folks who are working to help people with diabetes. Tom has done a lot of different things with his foundation. Some have worked great. Others, not so much. But through all of these iterations he’s landed on something that he can do, and do well.


Free driving clinics for teens with diabetes.

He gets space, he gets cars, he gets driving instructors (Todd Hansen, Peter Zekert, Sarah Robinson, Rafael Torres), he even gets food catered in.

You know what he needs? Kids to teach.

They have a clinic in Chicago (Tinley Park, IL) coming up on July 13th, 2013, and they haven’t filled the class yet.

With enough demand, he’d like to run these programs all over the country! He needs a bit of help in each location, and lots of help spreading the word. Please reach out to him if you can be of any help.

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