TED Talk – Dr. Peter Attia – Can’t be Afraid to be Wrong

I first learned of this talk from a recent post that Bea shared. She is an amazing person, and you should be sure to check out her blog, Cranky Pancreas.

I am a fan of TED Talks. They are almost always engaging and make me think. I think this is well worth 15 minutes of your time.

Thank you, Bea, for sharing this video. You’ve expanded my horizons yet again.

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2 thoughts on “TED Talk – Dr. Peter Attia – Can’t be Afraid to be Wrong

  1. I really LOVED this talk too. And in the beginning I really wanted to turn it off. But by the end, it was so moving. He shares with us his journey from ignorance to understanding and compassion. AND on top of that, he does so in a way that admits to the difficulty of accepting you were insensitive. I think his voice is so important for our healthcare providers. Thank you for sharing this video. See you next week, Scott!

  2. I loved this ted talk … I am slowly becoming more convinced that the problem starts with what we eat and not how much … And even though we have become an obese nations we are in fact also a malnourshed nation