Intellectual Property for Bloggers

NeilBenchellSee this guy? This is Neil Benchell. He is one of my favorite people in the world. He does magic tricks, tells jokes, flies airplanes and giant kites, rebuilds antique cars, and makes balloon animals. I’m sure there are some great things I’m forgetting to mention…

I love him because he’s a great guy and he’s super fun to be around.

I met Neil at Friends for Life a few years ago and we bonded over my inability to blow up balloons. Actually, I just about exploded my head trying to blow them up. He was amused.

There is a hard-earned skill involved in blowing up those damn balloons, and Neil had days of entertainment watching me struggle to do it.  My head starts to hurt just looking at balloons now.

…but what am I forgetting?! There’s something more to Neil than the funny, magic trick, kite flying, balloon artist.

Oh! YES!! Check THIS out!


Neil is a super smart lawyer. He has a ton of experience with patent litigation, intellectual property, trademark and copyright issues. He’s also an adjunct professor at the Loyola University of Chicago where he teaches a course in patent litigation.

And he’d like to teach us about protecting ourselves in the blogging arena. SCORE!

If you are coming to Friends for Life this year Neil is doing a session on intellectual property for bloggers. He’ll be sharing his insights and experiences in hopes of arming us with information to help protect our blogs and websites. It is on Wednesday morning at 11AM in Monterrey 2/3. I’m sure it will be a packed session, so get there early!

For those that can’t make it, I’m sorry. I’ll take good notes and try to report back.


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