Made it to the Finals! Thank you!

All of your help has pushed me into the final round of voting for Insulindependence’s 2o13 Athletic Achievement Award! I can’t thank you enough.

I need another huge push from you guys, if I may ask. The voting is a bit different this time — it’s much easier and faster (we like that, right?).

AAA_Finalist_VotingJust go to the voting page, select my video, click vote.  That’s all there is to it! You don’t even need to watch the video again!

Voting ends at 11:59 PM ET on August 15th, and the winner will be announced at the award show on Saturday evening (August 17th).  The three finalists started with a clean slate (all votes reset to zero), and we can’t see the vote tally.

But these guys are superstars, so I’ll need a lot of help to pull this off.

Vote on every device you can get your hands on, and share, share, share!

Thank you!

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13 thoughts on “Made it to the Finals! Thank you!

  1. go, Scott !
    what makes one person a superstar and one person not?
    have you never watched Oprah or Dr. Phil? =)
    good luck !!

  2. Woohoo! Congrats Scott! Well deserved! I’ve voted and crossed fingers and toes that you win. Bt you’re already a winner in my eyes! (Couldn’t resist the urge to throw in a cheesy one in there!)