Insulindependence Interview

IN Interview

Here’s a fun interview (link no longer active) I did recently for the Insulindependence 2013 Athletic Achievement Awards (link no longer active). You guys have pulled me through this thing so far, and unless something drastic happens in the next week I think I’ll make it into the finals (yay!).

There’s still time to watch the video if you haven’t already.


I can’t say enough about how thankful I am to be surrounded by such an awesome community.

When I learn more about the final round of voting, I’ll be sure to let you know. I’ll need some serious help (again).

Am I out of favors yet? 🙂

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6 thoughts on “Insulindependence Interview

  1. Yee-hah! Well done, Scott 🙂 You’re an inspiration to me right now. I overcame some barriers and walked 6kms yesterday just thinking of how amazing you are.

    you have inspired an ol’ woman almost twice your age to try my luck at making a basket or two one of these days ! ( the basketball kind, not the Easter kind)

  3. You’ve got a big stack of favors left over here. I’m spreading the word and crossing all my digits for you to be the big winner!