16 Days to Go Beyond

While Steve and I were fierce (not really) competitors during the award contest, I’m a huge fan of him and all he’s doing (we actually bumped into each other at the arrival airport and hugged it out).

I’ve written about him and his work before. Something about being a literal spiderman, climbing the buildings of downtown Indianapolis to fulfill a day of climbing during Project 365 while balancing a schedule packed with daylong meetings and obligations.

While in San Diego with Insulindependence, I had a chance to meet and visit with his wife, who is just as fantastic as Steve is. They are a pair of wonderfully beautiful souls who have made unimaginable sacrifices in the name of diabetes advocacy.

Here’d the deal. Steve is approaching his fundraising goal (and deadline) and could use all the help he can get in spreading the word. Check out the trailer for a taste of what we can expect from the finished product. It’s absolutely amazing.


Can’t help financially? That’s cool. Trust me, I completely understand. If you’re willing to help spread the word, that can go a long way, too. Sometimes even more than you’d ever imagine.

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Scott K. Johnson

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