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I am a fan of the Asante Snap insulin pump. I like it so much that it is official replacing my beloved Cozmo and I’m going to be doing some work with Asante Solutions through 2015.

share-your-story-imageIf you are an existing Snap pump user, why not take a moment to take part in the Asante Snap Strong & Simple Challenge? For each video submitted, Asante will proudly make a donation to one of two great non-profit groups (Diabetes Hands Foundation or Diabetes Youth Families).

If you’re not a Snap user, why not send in a quick video talking about what you interests you or what looks exciting about the Snap pump?

Maybe you’d even like to try the Snap pump? You can get a free 4-week trial that includes support from a diabetes educator!

Disclosure: I have a business relationship with Asante Solutions and am a member of their patient advocate advisory board.

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