Win a NeedleBay Colours System! Scott’s Sweepstakes!

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1 of 25 NeedleBay Colours Systems!

What exactly is a NeedleBay system? Allow me to demonstrate…

These things are pretty cool and I’ll definitely use one when I travel.

I think it’s really awesome of NeedleBay to offer so many (25 winners!) in support of Scott’s Sweepstakes, and I’m excited to get these out to you. Sweepstakes ends on Monday, February 16th at Midnight. Enter now!

Scott's Sweepstakes

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2 thoughts on “Win a NeedleBay Colours System! Scott’s Sweepstakes!

  1. Hey Scott!!! These needle bay thingys are pretty cool. Thanks for showing us what’s new w ur sweepstakes. I recently bought a couple of those drinking glasses etched w the ounces on the glass. I love them!! Makes getting my carb counts for a quick glass of milk more accurate!