Changes at TuDiabetes! Yeah!

Bright, Clean, Change! Yeah!

I have been an active supporter of the TuDiabetes family for a very long time. So long that I was once quoted as saying TuDiabetes is “like MySpace on insulin…

When was MySpace? Hold on, I have ask Moses

Over the years, TuDiabetes has brought so many wonderful people into my life, so many smiles, and so many incredible memories. Numerous friends around the world, and even more locally. I’m forever grateful.

Leadership, Trust, and Great People

My focus isn’t the recent change in leadership at Diabetes Hands Foundation (Manny Hernandez is stepping down). But I thought it would seem strange if I didn’t mention it.

Manny has assembled a team of amazing people, both on staff at DHF and on the Board of Directors (and in many other supporting roles). I know almost all of them personally, and those I know, I trust completely.

Melissa Lee has been named Interim Executive Director. I admire her for many reasons and wholeheartedly approve of her for the role and responsibility.

The team will function just fine.

But Technology Won’t Stand Still

Last year I had to replace one of our televisions. The old TV was big. Not big in regards to screen-size, it was a modest 29″ set, but just big – one of those boxy models from ten years ago. It was heavy and really hard to carry. I almost needed a second person. It exhausted me, and my back muscles were sore for days.

Our new TV is a sweet 32″ set. I know – I’m living the life of a king with an entire 32-inches. 🙂

It weighs less than a third of the old one, takes up a fraction of the space, and I could almost carry it under one arm. And get this… it even has a HDMI port so I can connect modern devices to it.

With the old TV I just accepted that I couldn’t watch HD quality shows or connect modern devices, and now I take those features for granted. It’s actually amazing when I stop to think about it.

And it’s a great reminder that technology advances, and almost unknowingly, our expectations do too.

Catching Up & Keeping Pace

Change can be rufWhen it comes to technology I generally start looking for solutions or upgrades when things become hard to do or don’t produce suitable results.

And tech changes often, doesn’t it? While it sometimes takes getting used to, it’s almost always a good thing. The changes usually make things easier to do and produce better results. Now I’m streaming HD quality shows via my Apple TV, and loving it.

With this in mind, I’m very excited to hear that TuDiabetes is migrating to a new system.

Why am I excited?

  1. Did you know that the best way to find something on TuDiabetes is to leave TuDiabetes and search for it on Google? That makes absolutely no sense. With the new TuD, searching will work so much better.
  2. On the current system, visiting TuDiabetes from a mobile device is difficult. Websites must be mobile friendly in 2015. I won’t talk about what happens to websites that aren’t… On the new TuD, interacting while on a mobile device will be so much better
  3. Maybe most importantly, the new TuD backend will allow DHF to keep TuD up to date with the fast-moving technology standards. This might not seem like much at first, or from an outside perspective. But if I may share my opinion as someone who’s run a diabetes blog for over a decade, this might be the most important piece. This will allow DHF to transparently keep pace with your ever-evolving expectations. In fact, if done right, you won’t even notice. 🙂

There For You

One thing that is certain through the transition is Diabetes Hands Foundation has you, the diabetes community, at the center of everything they do. As long as I’ve known them, that has never changed, and I believe it never well.

Change is often scary. But Change is also often exciting, and that’s where I am with the TuDiabetes migration. I’m excited!

I urge you to trust these people who have taken such good care of you over the years. Lean into this change with them.

There are three things you can do to help them make it what you need:

  • Dive in with both feet (once they launch – expected in March).
  • Give yourself some time to get used to the new digs.
  • And offer constructive feedback when appropriate.


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4 thoughts on “Changes at TuDiabetes! Yeah!

  1. I love this post, Scott! Thanks so much for your enthusiasm and support. I can’t get over how funny it is to leave TuDiabetes in order to search for things on TuDiabetes… I’m glad we’re fixing that!

  2. Come visit us now and you can get an idea of what it’s going to look like. Emily has made several discussions that show a rough sketch of the Home page and the new Blogs page. Visit us in the chat room, where we’ll be having an interest live event today, as we do most Thursday afternoons. If you have any questions or are looking for anything in particular, I’d be glad to help you. I have full confidence in Mel taking over for Manny. She was lead admin when I joined the admin team, and has been devoted to TuDiabetes since I can remember. I deeply love my family there, and credit them for turning my diabetes control around. I’ve had type1 for 47 years. Thank you Scott for your support!

  3. Can’t say that I left TuDiabetes, but I haven’t been there much because of how difficult it is to search, and I really didn’t understand how it functioned at first. I am soooo looking forward to the changes.

    I also share your support of Melissa Lee (whom I don’t know at all except for reading her online) and your belief that DHF has and will be as good or better going forward.

    And enjoy the new TV! You’re gonna love watching basketball in HD.

  4. Thanks, Scott! I have been a user of TuD since early 2007, but it is awkward to use. Navigation is troublesome for new members there, and some of my friends have left TuD for that reason. The upgrade sounds exciting, but I am afraid that navigation will still be difficult. Diabetes Daily has about three times as many members, and the navigation is easy. TuD. however, has wonderful features, like the wonderful groups, that DD does not have. If navigation is easy on TuD after upgrading, it will be my favorite D site online. Emily and the live interviews she has there are unique, and wonderful!!