Don’t Go Shopping While Low

My wife’s understanding and patience with me (and my diabetes) seems to know no bounds, and I’m so grateful.

It hit me about halfway through my shopping list at Walmart; that feeling of my blood sugar dropping fast and the anxiety of lots of insulin on board (relatively). A quick glance at my wrist confirmed it.

Five glucose tabs left in my tube, which I ate quickly, but I knew wouldn’t be enough to do the job. Why only five left? Because I’d used the other five earlier in the day. More on that in another post.

I quickly finished shopping, keeping a close eye on things. I grabbed a sweet treat at the cash register, ate it, then headed out to the car in a buzz of relief and concern about what happened.

Why was I concerned?

Because I had seven items on my shopping list, but my cart was overflowing with groceries.

This was supposed to be a quick “we’re out of these few things…” trip and ended up much different.

Screenshot of a text message shopping list and my conversation

That’s okay, babe.

Le sigh… 🙂

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6 thoughts on “Don’t Go Shopping While Low

  1. Scott, you have just given me an excuse for times when I’ve “accidentally” bought another lipstick or lip gloss, eyeshadow, or facial cleanser – except that my husband will probably not buy the excuse “Honey, I had a low again …” 🙂

  2. That happened to me half way through a movie. I ate tabs and candy and was okay at the end of the movie. When we were home, I asked my wife to tell me what happened in the movie after the first half hour.

  3. Always good to have an excuse for extreme grocery shopping- especially sweets.
    Luckily my wife is the same like yours and that makes life with T1D that much easier!