No Lunchtime Bolus – A Story Thick With Irony

My phone starts to ring while I’m programming my meal bolus. I can see it’s a call I’d like to answer.

But I’m more than halfway through my programming, and I have numbers in my head (blood sugar, carb count) that I can release forever … once I get the programming done.

My phone continues to ring and buzz, urgently pulling my focus and attention.

Just a few more button presses…

Done! Got it!

“Hello?” “blah, blah, blah…”


After basketball Five Guys, for the win.

I wasn’t too surprised by the spike after eating because I was a bit high to start with.

But I was surprised by how shitty I felt by the time I got home, and how my blood sugar continued to climb.

I napped to let my lunch bolus work on my lunch blood sugar. But woke up even higher. Which didn’t make sense, and triggered the mental replay troubleshooting we all do when nonsense happens.

“Gasp!” What if… and a quick look at my bolus history confirmed it. Last bolus? 9:24 am. No lunch bolus delivered. I guess I didn’t quite finish…

Dexcom Share iOS screen with high blood sugar
Dexcom Share Screenshot

The irony here is incredible. Remember the phone call that interrupted me?

It was my pharmacy with questions about an insulin order…

Unfinished insulin because of insulin. #Irony


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