Your thoughts about automated insulin delivery?

INSPIRE wants to hear from you!

Jill Weissberg-Benchell, a psychologist and CDE in Chicago (and a dear friend) is inviting people with T1D and their loved ones (partners, spouses, parents) to participate in a focus group with other PWD to talk about your hopes and expectations of new diabetes technology.


Whether you’ve had experience with insulin pumps or continuous glucose monitors (CGMs) or not, whether you have participated in artificial pancreas trials or not, she would love to hear how you and your loved ones feel about the potential impact that automated insulin delivery systems (also called artificial pancreas or closed-loop systems) could have on your daily lives.

The INSPIRE study team hopes to identify both the potential benefits and the possible difficulties or barriers people may face in using such technology so they can develop ways to support people when these systems are available to use.

Your feedback will also be shared with teams around the world who are developing these systems so that they can integrate the feedback into their products before they are commercialized.

These focus groups, to be held at your convenience, using an internet-based video conferencing system, will involve one group for PWD and a separate group for their loved ones. In both groups, members of the INSPIRE team will facilitate the discussions.

These two-hour meetings will give you the opportunity to share your thoughts about automated insulin systems in a casual environment and in a confidential manner. INSPIRE will mail each family a $50 Target gift card for participating.

If you would like to participate or learn more about the focus groups, please e-mail Jill and her team at [email protected] or call (312) 227-0330.

I’ve also included an INSPIRE brochure you can download, but please note, the brochure is written as if a local visit is required. This is not the case (although, if you are near Chicago, they would love to meet you!), and you are welcome to participate via internet-based video conferencing. 

Front panel of the INSPIRE Brochure


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One thought on “Your thoughts about automated insulin delivery?

  1. Hi Scott,

    Thank you for the opportunity! Unfortunately, I won’t be able to participate in this but I won’t be shy about my concerns. 🙂

    1) Lack of accountability by PWD. I understand, appreciate and long for a cure for this condition as much as the next person. One of my concerns if a cure is found is the freedom that it would enable PWD in terms of nutrition and potential lack of exercise. The one thing I love most about my diabetes is that it’s made me more aware of the food I’m putting into my body. Yes, this sounds twisted, but the restrictions that diabetes has placed upon me have made me a fitter, healthier person. I completely understand this is selfish and more of a “me” problem, but I’m simply sharing that as management of the condition improves, I think there should be some accompanying nutritional/counseling info to be included to prevent PWD relying on technology too much and to maintain focus on high quality natural foods and a consistent exercise program.

    2) With the advances of the artificial pancreas, I assume it will be able to counteract “stale” insulin? Along with finding a cure, I wish there was a shorter-term solution of keeping pumped insulin fresher for longer. In other words, day one of a pump site change equals fresher, more potent insulin that day three or four.

    I’m sure more concerns/questions would come up, but these were on the tip of my tongue. I hope the program is a success and appreciate you allowing me this space.