There’s a New Diabetes Website in Town!

Diabetes Strong is a new health and fitness website for people living with diabetes. It’s the place to go if you’re looking for information and advice on everything from exercise and nutrition to the latest diabetes products and tech.

Diabetes Strong was originally created as TheFitBlog in 2015 and is the passion project of Christel Oerum, a fitness professional with type 1 diabetes. It started as a venue for Christel to describe her experience as an active woman living with type 1 diabetes, and share how she manages insulin, food, and exercise.

The website quickly grew into one of the most popular diabetes websites with over 100,000 monthly visitors and was just re-launched as, an online diabetes magazine with a team of expert contributors.

The mission and design of the website are centered around Christel’s belief that there is nothing you can’t do with diabetes if you have the right knowledge, tools, and mindset. The articles on the site all have a positive “how-to” approach to diabetes and focus on solutions to some of the most common issues faced by people living with diabetes (like how to lose weight when you live with diabetes or how to prevent low blood sugar when exercising).

You can also download Christel’s healthy meal plans or browse the libraries of healthy recipes and workout videos.

All of the information on the website is free to access so you can spend as long as you like reading through the hundreds of diabetes articles.

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