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What exactly is a NeedleBay system? Allow me to demonstrate…

These things are pretty cool and I’ll definitely use one when I travel.

I think it’s really awesome of NeedleBay to offer so many (25 winners!) in support of Scott’s Sweepstakes, and I’m excited to get these out to you. Sweepstakes ends on Monday, February 16th at Midnight. Enter now!

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Scott’s Sweepstakes – Great Low Carb Bread Company

Do you enjoy a low carb lifestyle? If so, you might like the Great Low Carb Bread Company. I’m not familiar with many of the low carb products on the market, so I can’t offer much useful information about how these products compare to others. But the samples I received were tasty, even for me (someone who usually eats regular carb products).

Of the products I tried, the everything bagels were my favorite, the lemon cake square were my least favorite, and the breads were somewhere in-between.

I didn’t do any rigid scientific experiments, but from casual observation my blood sugars seemed to agree with the labeled carb content (I bolused for the carb count and didn’t experience any surprise lows or highs).

I don’t normally buy these types of products, so I can’t tell you where they fall on the affordability scale or if they are a good value. I’d love to hear your thoughts if you have experience here.

In the meantime, how about some free stuff? 🙂

The folks at the Great Low Carb Bread Company have offered a nice package of goodies for one winner (one loaf of bread, one package of bagels, and 2 brownies, muffins, or squares)!

Spread the word for more chances to win! And please let us know if you’ve tried any of these before!

Good luck!

Scott’s Sweepstakes! Marked Measuring Glass!

A Cup or a Glass?

I don’t drink many carb filled liquids (unless I’m low), but sometimes a tall glass of milk really hits the spot.

Marked Measuring GlassBut I often don’t give much thought to whether I’m drinking a cup of milk, or a glass of milk.

There’s an almost automatic association of 12g cho when I drink milk… maybe it’s a holdover from the old days of exchanges.

If I only poured 8 ounces of milk into my glass that would be just fine. 8 ounces is 12 grams of carbs. But I can see from this picture that I’m often pouring at least 12 ounces, maybe more!

Do I need to do the math on what an extra 4 ounces of milk does to my carb count (it’s an extra 6 grams)? And that’s if I stop pouring at that 12 ounce mark, which I don’t think I normally do.

Looking at this etched glass and thinking about my milk drinking, it gives me one of those “wait…what?!” mind-blowing moments where I realize I’m consuming way more carbs than I thought (see also: Measuring Handfuls).

Calibrating eyeballs

Measuring my food has always made me a bit angry. There is something unnatural about it and it gets under my skin at a very deep emotional level. Unresolved issues? Yeah, you bet. I have diabetes…

One strategy that makes sense to me is using measuring tools periodically to help remember what a serving size looks like.

So it’s not using measuring tools all the time (and triggering my unresolved emotional issues every time I eat), but rather using measuring tools a few days each month to make sure my “serving size creep,” or the tendency to inflate how much I’m dishing up and eating, isn’t getting out of control.

For example, every time I pour a glass of anything, I’ll be thinking about this marked measuring glass.

Give a Like

A big thanks to National Etching for allowing me to run this sweepstakes and share this marked measuring glass with you. Please take a look at their Facebook page and consider giving them a Like.

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Scott’s Sweepstakes! Diabetes Carb Control Cookbook!

3 Winners! Diabetes Carb Control Cookbook!

diabetes carb control cookbook

Bestselling author, Nancy S. Hughes, shares her latest book with you!

Diabetes Carb Control Cookbook features over 150 recipes with exactly 15 grams of carbs per serving.

Featured on the American Diabetes Association’s online bookstore –, this book sounds like a must have if you love cooking and keeping an eye on your carbs.

The sweepstakes runs until 11:59 pm central on Tuesday, October 28th, 2014.

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Scott’s Sweepstakes! Nuun Hydration Grab Bag!

Nuun-GoodiesNuun Hydration

Have you heard of Nuun? I used their products for my big bike ride in 2012 and during my half marathon training this year. They are big on hydration and replacing electrolytes without added carbohydrates and sugar.

Drop a tab into your water bottle, and you’re good to go. No thinking about insulin doses or blood sugars. That’s a bonus in my world.

Over the summer, Nuun announced a sponsorship of longtime fans Team Novo Nordisk.

New Products and Giveaways

Nuun was kind enough to send me a handful of goodies to give away.  I’m excited because there are some new products that I haven’t seen before, and we get to have multiple winners! Yay!

  • Nuun All Day Hydration (multi pack) – Vitamin enhanced drink tabs for all day hydration and zero sugar
  • Nuun Original Flavors (multi pack) – Electrolyte enhanced drink tabs
  • Nuun New Flavors (multi pack) – Electrolyte enhanced drink tabs
  • Nuun Energy (1 wild cherry) – Vitamin B & caffeine enhanced drink tabs (3g cho)
  • Nuun Energy (1 lemon-lime) – Vitamin B & caffeine enhanced drink tabs (3g cho)
  • Nuun Energy (1 cherry limeade) – Vitamin B & caffeine enhanced drink tabs (3g cho)


So we get SIX winners this time! I love it! 🙂 Thank you, Nuun!

Be sure to check out their product page for more details on the above prizes.

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Be sure to check your inbox for the confirmation message if you’re a new subscriber! Thank you and good luck!

Scott’s Sweepstakes! Medical ID Bracelets & Jewelry!

I love talking about medical id bracelets and jewelry. I’m a big advocate for wearing medical ID of some sort and will talk about it any chance I get.

I am almost paranoid about wearing mine, and often wear both a medical ID bracelet and necklace. I once realized I didn’t have them on and an audible <gasp> escaped my lips.

animated gif of Cosmo Kramer turning his head in shock

Medical ID is Important!

I know you may think you don’t need to wear medical ID. I know you may think you’ll never be caught by a low blood sugar you can’t handle.

I hate to break it to you… but diabetes plays dirty and is one of the sneakiest things I’ve ever experienced. As soon as you think you have everything under control, then you don’t.

Please, please, please (please!) make an effort to protect yourself by wearing some sort of medical ID.

StickyJ Medical ID

Picture of Scott's Medical ID Bracelet

ONEIDA Heavy Duty Marine Chain Medical Bracelet

StickyJ Medical Jewelry has made a business out of medical ID jewelry and keeping people safe since 2000.

They were kind enough to send me a bracelet to check out, and I love it so far (disclosure: I received the pictured medical ID bracelet and engraving from StickyJ Medical Jewelry at no charge).

My experience with medical id bracelets is that they take a beating and need to be replaced every so often. There are two ways they wear out for me.

First are the mechanical parts. The small connecting links on my bracelet between the plaque (the part that gets engraved) and the links – these are usually the literal weak links in the chain and can break when it gets snagged on something.

Second is the engraving on the plaque. When it becomes hard to read because it’s worn down, it’s time to start shopping for a new piece.

Scott’s Sweepstakes!

The great folks at StickyJ Medical Jewelry are giving away a $50 Gift Certificate to one lucky winner and a surprise bonus offer to everyone who enters (that means we’re all winners – w00t)! Enter below, and share with your homies for an even better chance to win.

If you’re a new subscriber to my mailing list, be sure to check your email inbox for the confirmation message (and confirm), or you’ll miss out on the surprise bonus offer. We don’t want that…

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Remember to check your inbox for the confirmation message if you’re a new subscriber!

If you’d like some new medical ID jewelry, a.k.a. Diabetes Bling, please toss your name into the hat for the sweepstakes. And if you don’t win, please consider doing your medical ID shopping with StickyJ Medical Jewelry.

The Goods!

Update/Edit: Kris recently sent me a message to let me know what he chose with his gift code. Check them out, they are pretty awesome!


Thanks much to everyone for participating!

Scott’s Sweepstakes! Coco’s First Sleepover (Book)

Did you know that Lilly Diabetes and Disney do a lot of work together to help make a difference for kids with type 1 diabetes?

We (yes, “we” – I’m still very much a “kid” with diabetes 🙂 ) even have our own Disney character with type 1 – Coco!

There are a handful of books available through this great collaboration, some can even be found digitally, which is pretty great.

Screenshot of the website


I love the work that both companies have been doing here, and one way we can encourage them to continue (and do more) is to show them some love.

In that train of thought, I’d like to offer one of their books (actually, 10 copies to 10 winners) for my next sweepstakes:

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This is a quick one! The sweepstakes ends on Monday, 9/22 at midnight (central time), and we’ll have 10 winners this time – yay!