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These are some products and services I use and enjoy. I think you might, too. Some are helpful in my diabetes management, but not everything here is diabetes-related. If you’d like to see more, please check out my other site, SKJ Likes.

Have your computer or smartphone read text to you out loud with Speechify. Read more, increase comprehension, multitask, and more. I wrote more about how I use Speechify here.

I use the reMarkable 2 to take notes for school. I also enjoy using it for general thinking and brainstorming when I don’t want to be distracted by all of the apps and options on my iPad. Here’s a post with more about why I enjoy it, plus a nerdy confession.

Patented technology that combines unique insulation and heat-absorbing materials monitored by a customized designed electronics system. Yet the VIVI Cap 1 doesn’t need any batteries or charging. With the press of a button, see if your insulin is within safe temperature ranges.

These glucose gels are my go-to solution, especially in two situations. The first is when I’m exercising and the second is at night when I’m trying to sleep. In both cases, I don’t want to spend time chomping on multiple glucose tabs. Instead, I tear the top of this and squirt in a quick 15g of carbs. Then, I’m back in the game (or in dreamland) in seconds.  

I believe wearing medical ID is important. The condition sleeves from MyID are my favorite right now. I wear my Apple Watch almost everywhere, even when playing basketball and exercising, and these condition sleeves slide right onto the band. MyID also offers various solutions and styles depending on what you need or like. 

ERND sent me a bag of dark chocolate assorted truffles to try. There are a handful of different dark chocolate truffle flavors. Plain dark chocolate, raspberry, mint, orange, sea salt, and coconut. Each individually wrapped truffle has a satisfying harder outside that gives way to a rich and smooth inside.

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