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A few fun posts this time around! Thanks for stopping by!

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Other Posts? Where?

I stay pretty busy writing. But most of it doesn’t end up posted here.  I’m struggling with how to keep you up to date with new stuff without being obnoxious about it.

Would it be best to post here each time something new is online?  Or should I keep adding links to the “Other Articles” page listed above?  Anyone out there care? What would you prefer?  What would make it easiest for you?

Food Issues? Duh!

I have food issues.

I don’t know if these issues exist apart from diabetes, or because of diabetes.

My recent dLife column is about an experience where diabetes was clearly the culprit.  If you have a moment, would you take a look?

I would love to hear what some of you think about food and our diabetes.  What are your experiences?

One of my favorite bloggers, Lee Ann Thill (The Butter Compartment), has recently posted some great stuff around eating disorders and diabetes, and I totally consider her to be a great champion for raising awareness about it.

There was also a page about diabetes and eating disorders in an awesome book that made me smirk.  I’ll be posting about soon (in the meantime check out the posts by Lee Ann and Chris).

Food issues and diabetes.  Check.