Our assignment for day two of the fifth (!!) annual #DBlogWeek is to write a poem, rhyme, ballad, haiku, or any other form of poetry about diabetes. At first I thought this would be really hard for me, but my day delivered a perfect solution, literally!

I am spending the week at mySugr HQ in Vienna, and made sure to connect with Viola. She brought me a very special gift which helped me come up with the perfect rhyme. :-)

Cupcake for Scott!

Cupcake for Scott!

A magical trip to mySugr in Vienna and a special visit from Viola

who brought with her a giant cupcake FULL of diet cola!

Viola – thank you for coming to visit, I really enjoyed meeting you and getting to know you! I love your attitude of giving yourself permission and acknowledging that it takes time. You are so right, and your wise words will live long in my mind.

Scott K. Johnson
  • http://refreshingd.wordpress.com Rachel

    Well if that isn’t Scotty J to me…

    (And you are so lucky to be in Vienna. I have wanted to go since I started taking German in high school and pretty sure it will be part of my next European trip.)

  • http://www.below-seven.com Kelley

    I think that’s the best present ever!

  • http://www.15wait15.com Rhonda B

    A truly awesome cupcake!! So sweet, yet not too sweet! ;-)

  • http://bittersweetdiabetes.com Karen

    Love the cupcake and the poem!!! And thank you so much for still participating in DBlogWeek even though you are working so far from home this week.

  • http://happy-medium.net StephenS

    Very nice… who couldn’t write a poem about Diet Coke?

  • Viola

    So far, all the DOC
    was still far away for me.

    Many blogs, I learn a lot,
    return quite frequently to Scott.

    Advocacy, Marathon,
    Hope event, Companion*,
    he is here and he is there,
    but only in the online sphere.

    “I´m in Vienna, should we meet?”
    What? This gets me on my feet!
    Is this really from “Big Scott”?
    If he´s real … of course, why not?

    … oops, I won´t make it for the Day 5 deadline if I continue …

    Scott, sorry for the excursion into poetry.
    It was a great pleasure meeting with you today.
    Thanks so much for the warm welcome and for sharing some of the fun and, maybe even more, for sharing some of the experience with struggles that are sometimes hidden behind all the cupcakes.

    (*… yes, we met at the mySugr office today)

  • http://www.mydiabeticheart.com Mike Durbin

    That’s just awesome!

  • http://d-logger.blogspot.com Heidi

    Most awesome thing ever! Your friends know you well.

  • http://momentsofwonderful.com Sara

    Viola seems awesome and totally creative! I love the wrapping!

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