A small group of people who I highly respect asked for some help in spreading a message. If any one of these folks asked me, ¬†individually, for help, I’d not hesitate. So when they approached me collectively talking about how we could use social media for social [...]

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Noncommunicable Disease Alliance Fights to Retain Goals” – a quick and clear post about the upcoming NCD Alliance Summit and the dangers we face as major players hesitate to step up to the plate.

More Links about this:
Interview with NCDA Chair Ann Keeling
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As hard as he tried, Manny Hernandez could not see what was in the coming days of the 2011 Roche Social Media Summit.

I bet he got pretty close though.  Friends, fun, relationships, the greater good, and the sense that we can influence change.

I personally felt that this, [...]

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