Roll With the Punches

It has been a very busy few weeks for me.  We moved to a new place in the middle of April.  I took a week off work to do that.  I talk a little about that and how it affected my blood sugars in my latest dLife column.  After I went back to work I needed another week to get caught up with all my work!  The following week I had good intentions of getting back to my lunchtime basketball, but was only able to make it one out of three days.

I played my three days this week, and it was a BLAST!  I had so much fun, and it felt great to get my heart pumping and muscles moving again.

During the week of the move I noticed that a persistent low grade pain in my left foot was becoming a little more pronounced.  It had been something I noticed a while back (months maybe?), but it was never bad and nothing I thought I had to worry about.  I figured it was just another ache and pain that comes with the territory of playing full court basketball and banging around down low.

The fact that I was noticing it after not playing ball much was cause for concern, so last week I called the foot & ankle office and made an appointment (I had been introduced to them back in November when I was having some arch trouble).

Things felt good all of this week.  It was a little sore, but feeling better than when I was moving.  I started to doubt my decision to go in and have it checked out, but I figured better safe than sorry.

The prognosis?  A possible stress fracture!  What?!?!

Two weeks in a walking boot, then a reevaluation, and we go from there.  Damn, just when I was getting back into my basketball!

Picture of my foot in a walking cast thingyIt is the cautious approach, and I give the doc a lot of credit for going that way.  She said that when looking at the x-rays that she thought she might see something, but was not sure.  She wants to immobilize the foot to let things settle down, then take another set of x-rays and see what she sees.  If she’s still not sure she’ll order an MRI which will provide her with a more clear cut answer.

I think the stress fracture itself was a result of basketball and not necessarily something diabetes related.

The fact that I could not feel much pain (like a 3 on a 10 point scale?) is most definitely diabetes related.

All I can do is roll with the punches you know?  I will try to get into the YMCA to life some light weights or find some other way to get my heart pumping (suggestions anyone?) while I’m taking another unintentional break from basketball.

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