Roll With the Punches

It has been a very busy few weeks for me.  We moved to a new place in the middle of April.  I took a week off work to do that.  I talk a little about that and how it affected my blood sugars in my latest dLife column.  After I went back to work I needed another week to get caught up with all my work!  The following week I had good intentions of getting back to my lunchtime basketball, but was only able to make it one out of three days.

I played my three days this week, and it was a BLAST!  I had so much fun, and it felt great to get my heart pumping and muscles moving again.

During the week of the move I noticed that a persistent low grade pain in my left foot was becoming a little more pronounced.  It had been something I noticed a while back (months maybe?), but it was never bad and nothing I thought I had to worry about.  I figured it was just another ache and pain that comes with the territory of playing full court basketball and banging around down low.

The fact that I was noticing it after not playing ball much was cause for concern, so last week I called the foot & ankle office and made an appointment (I had been introduced to them back in November when I was having some arch trouble).

Things felt good all of this week.  It was a little sore, but feeling better than when I was moving.  I started to doubt my decision to go in and have it checked out, but I figured better safe than sorry.

The prognosis?  A possible stress fracture!  What?!?!

Two weeks in a walking boot, then a reevaluation, and we go from there.  Damn, just when I was getting back into my basketball!

Picture of my foot in a walking cast thingyIt is the cautious approach, and I give the doc a lot of credit for going that way.  She said that when looking at the x-rays that she thought she might see something, but was not sure.  She wants to immobilize the foot to let things settle down, then take another set of x-rays and see what she sees.  If she’s still not sure she’ll order an MRI which will provide her with a more clear cut answer.

I think the stress fracture itself was a result of basketball and not necessarily something diabetes related.

The fact that I could not feel much pain (like a 3 on a 10 point scale?) is most definitely diabetes related.

All I can do is roll with the punches you know?  I will try to get into the YMCA to life some light weights or find some other way to get my heart pumping (suggestions anyone?) while I’m taking another unintentional break from basketball.

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10 thoughts on “Roll With the Punches

  1. Scott, did you essentially stay in the same neighborhood?
    A couple of years go I started having pain on the top of my foot. It was on the same side as my broken ankle so I went back to the ortho who’d fixed it. He said most stress fractures don’t show up on x-rays so I went for the MRI. 2 weeks later, when I went back to get the results, the pain had subsided. He told me I had 2 stress fractures, but that he put people in a boot only if they were symptomatic and since I was not, I just needed to watch it.
    My primary then ordered a bone scan, and I was found to have no osteoporosis. So, here was something else that appeared “out of the blue” and I was pretty upset about it – what next?
    I haven’t had any trouble since, so, who knows?
    Hope you are enjoying the rainy weekend.

  2. I need a break from working. I haven’t a week off of work since 1999. I work in the same place but now work for a different workaholic, he works 20 hours and day and like most workaholics has no hobbies or outside interests (like my last boss) and never stops thinking about work. It’s hard to keep great blood sugars when you work long days and don’t get breaks or vacations. But I need the insurance and the money.

  3. Ugh, Scott, this is always my nightmare — that an injury like this would keep me from working out, and then everything would go to hell. Hang in there, Buddy!

  4. I was diagnosed 44 years ago as a Type 1 and have in the last 6 months started going to get a pedicure. I thought I would never do it but after getting ingrown toenails that would get infected, I said O.K. I should have done this years ago. You have to bring a fishing magazine or something as a guy cause you already feel like an idiot as the only man in the place.
    A couple of years ago, I got a Trikke which is a really fun, low impact way to exercise. You can go to and see them. They say that you burn 50% more calories than rollerblading. I am on my second one now as I have moved up to the T-12. It is the way to go and it is fun and fast.You can find them on Youtube. Keep Going…Peace, Bob

  5. Hello Scott……
    The best thing that you can do for your foot right now, is to keep off of it and keep it elevated so that the bone at the stress fracture site will mend more quickly.
    As for a change in your exercise routine, I would recommend swimming. It will give you a good cardio-pulmonary workout and is low impact to the joints of your body because of the water and gravity factor. In addition, you should be taking calcium citrate, Vit. D3, magnesium which will all help with the healing process.
    Feel better.

  6. (wait for the jazz hands!)

    (this one makes me a little scared – he is a little too excited I think)
    But truly – feel better soon! I might be moving this summer too!

  7. Scott-
    Oh man, I hear you. I didn’t know that we were moving twins. I can’t believe that you were able to move so much stuff on your own. My legs were sore for DAYS after walking up and down stairs, and lifting boxes. I kept skipping meal boluses, etc. but did have a bunch of lows. I’m glad to hear that I’m not the only one living out of boxes!
    So sorry to hear about your foot. That sucks, especially now that it’s finally warming up here in the midwest. When I had a broken foot, I still was able to use a stationary bike for some leg work. Hang in there!

  8. Sorry to hear about it Scott.
    Maybe you could get a second one of those foot clamps and then use them to exercise your legs? :-))
    Seriously that’s very restrictive I hope you’re back to full strength soon. I’m glad you paid attention to that ache!

  9. I’m sorry about your foot, Scott, especially since you were finally able to get back to your game. I hope whatever it is heals quickly and all the stress eases off.
    The boot is very fashionable, though. Ooo la la!