Pictures People, PICTURES! Please?

I think many of you saw the great contest that Amy Tenderich put together over at Diabetes Mine™, the “DiabetesMine™ Holiday Survival Sweepstakes“. Amy did an incredible job of pulling together some really valuable prizes, and we all really enjoyed giving so much stuff away. In total she gave away more than $2500 in over 50 prizes!!  Wow!

We all also learned a bunch of great strategies for coping with the holidays from all of you.  Many of these tips and tricks can really be used all through the year, which makes all of the ideas even more valuable.

Now we need to ask for a little something in return.  We need some pictures.  We are working to put together an “ebook” to (as Allison so perfectly puts it) “collect the wonderful words of wisdom that the community created”.

Books like this go better with pictures.  Amy asked for submissions it in her post earlier in the week, but we’ve only had three pictures so far (and two of them were from us!).  That’s just not going to cut it.

We need pictures for five chapters, with each chapter revolving around the questions from the contest (Exercise, Coping with Parties, Travel, Stress, and Diabetes Police). Allison has made some general suggestions for the pictures:

  • EXERCISE – examples can include: pictures of you (or your spouse/child) playing a team sport or doing a physical activity like hiking, skiing, swimming, etc; pictures of your exercise equipment like your treadmill or weights; pictures of the place you exercise, like tennis courts, gym, backyard, pool.
  • COPING WITH PARTIES – examples can include: pictures of you at parties, with friends or family or spouse; pictures of food from your parties; pictures of party decorations;
  • TRAVEL – examples can include: pictures of you at exotic locations like theme parks, Hawaii, Europe, etc.; pictures of you with your relatives at a place other than your home; pictures of you on a train, plane or automobile or pictures that you’ve taken from such locations; pictures of you at rest stops, restaurants, or any other fun landmark that you’ve come across on your travels.
  • STRESS – examples of ways that you like to destress, such as pictures of your yoga mat or candles; pictures of games or activities that you like to play; pictures of locations, like the outdoors or the beach that help destress you; pictures of your pets…
  • DIABETES POLICE – pictures of you doing anything that the Diabetes Police says you can’t: pictures of you at parties; pictures of you doing an unusual activity, like scuba diving or backpacking around Europe; pictures of you with your insulin pump or insulin pen – which gives you the freedom to do what you want.

These are all just suggestions though.  If you have a picture or photo that you think would fit well for any of these, please send it along to us!

Amy has set up a flickr group for the photos.

If we don’t get some more pictures, we’ll have to feature “Scottie J” in my basketball gear (“RecSpec” goggles and mouth guard), blown up to full size, on each and every page (if this doesn’t scare you into action, I’m not sure what will…).  Please folks, we’re desperate…

Picture of Scott with protective basketball goggles and a mouthguard

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7 thoughts on “Pictures People, PICTURES! Please?

  1. Its funny, I didn’t realise how many of my holidays photos you can see my pump on until I looked through them again for this, I guess I just don’t notice it because its always there. Anyway, they’re on the Flickr group now.

  2. Scott, YOUR picture is certainly a classic, but I’m going to have to visit again when I finally get around to downloading my own pics from my digital camera, as there are a few hundred there and it will take me quite a while to sort through all of them! If you’re patient, you may have some late additions!!

  3. I’ll dig through the pics I have and see what can be used too! If there is anything on my blog already that you can use feel free to grab it! I live so far off the road that we’re stuck on dial-up down here so trying to upload a ton of pics is difficult but I’ll see what I can do 😉
    Great idea! 🙂

  4. Duuuuuuuuuude, as much as I love that dorky photo of you, I did join the flickr group and uploaded a butt load (yes, a buttload!) of photos for y’all! I’m not vein at all; I just wanted you guys to have some photos to choose from! I love the idea of an ebook.
    🙂 Amylia