I Love Meetups

I was scanning through blog posts on Tuesday night, and saw that Lili was in town for a day or two!  I quickly commented to her blog post and asked if she wanted to get together.

I didn’t know if she would get my comment (we all know how things get when traveling), or if her days were already full of activities and obligations.  But heck, it couldn’t hurt to ask right?

Thankfully we were able to touch base on the last day of 2008 and made plans for a morning coffee before they left for the airport the next day.

We welcomed 2009 by sipping tea and chatting away like old friends.  Lili was just as much fun to talk with as I had hoped, and her husband was a really great guy too.  It was easy company, and before I knew it two and a half hours were gone and they had to head to the airport.

Picture of Scott & Lili

Lili – I’m so glad we were able to make plans on such short notice, and I had a great time visiting with you and your hubby.  Let’s do it again if you ever come through my way, and I’ll be sure to let you know if I’m in your neck of the woods.

I have also recently gotten together with a group of folks from Diabetes Daily, and we’re planning another meeting in a couple of weeks (January 17th, providing the weather cooperates).  If you’re interested in joining us (all are welcome), take a look at this Diabetes Daily Meetup thread for details.

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4 thoughts on “I Love Meetups

  1. Scott
    I agree with you wholeheartedly. Meetups are great fun, especially if it’s someone you’ve only known via the Internet.
    We’ll have one here in Boston in mid-July. So if you decide to vacation in Massachusetts, we might see you.

  2. Scott, that’s fantastic. The MeetUps have been a wonderful thing for so many. In particular, Elizabeth and I loved meeting a dozen of our British friends in London the summer before the last. I hope that more people have a chance to organize online and meet in the real world. Eventually, I also hope that we can better help those that want to form real-world support groups. There’s always something to be said for talking about your issues face-to-face.