I continue to be amazed…

I am still using Symlin, and most of the time I am absolutely amazed at how well it works for me.

It can be quite complicated, and sometimes downright scary, but when all of the circumstances line up such that I feel safe using it, my jaw just simply drops at how well it can help me manage my blood sugars (and appetite).

I am going to be writing more about Symlin over the next few weeks, and I would like to gather some information from you:

  • How many of you know what Symlin is and how it is used?
  • How many of you are using it? How is it working for you?
  • How many of you have used it, but quit, and why?
  • How many of you are interested in trying it, but are either a bit scared of it, or can’t convince your caregiver to prescribe it?

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Scott K. Johnson

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