“MOM!! Daddy’s peeing on a Cheeto stick!”

Picture of a box of KetostixI have a habit of checking for exercise ketones some nights after I play basketball.  It helps me know whether I need to juggle my insulin around a bit to combat the insulin resistance it can cause.

Last night as I was doing just that, my kids busted into the bathroom (like kids will often do).  They saw me holding and peeing on the test strip and asked me what it was.  I answered “a ketostix”.

My daughter went running out of the bathroom yelling for my wife “MOM!!! MOM!! Daddy’s peeing on a Cheeto stick!”

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16 Comments on "“MOM!! Daddy’s peeing on a Cheeto stick!”"

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Ok, that’s absolutely hysterical. Very very cute!

Barb Moberg

just too Funny…. Scott…. Miss chatting with You… Hugs, from Friend in Miami Shores,

Tony Rose

That’s priceless! I have a 3 year old who I can totally envision doing that.


that’s hilarious! i love it. kids come up with some golden stuff.

Minnesota Nice

What a great aversion therapy image for those of us addicted to Cheetos.