Sunday Tags, Part One – Honest Scrap


Image of a sign that says "Honest Scrap"Chris, from A Consequence of Hypoglycemia, awarded me with a tag a while ago very long time ago and the Honest Scrap award.  Thank you Chris!  Here’s how it works.  I am to tell you 10 things about me that you may not know, but that are true, and then I have to tag 10 readers with the award (but I’m going to skip that part, ’cause I’m lame like that).  Here we go!

  1. I hate the “sticky drip”.  This is when the soda fountain on either side of the diet soda drips on my hand as I’m filling my cup.  I always have to find the water spout and rinse it off real quick. But then I feel bad, like I’m washing my hands in the soda fountain, which is gross.
  2. The ketchup bottle better not be empty.
  3. I hate vending machine gum, because it is not the flavor I really want, and usually very hard and crunchy (two things gum should never, ever be).  I still end up buying and chewing it though, because I’m desperate (mild oral fixation anyone?).
  4. I like to drink an ice cold diet soda while I’m chewing my gum.  I don’t know what it is, but I like how it makes the gum almost freeze up, and then as I keep chewing the flavor comes back out as it warms.
  5. I say “Great post” a lot when I comment on your blogs.  A lot.  But I sincerely mean it. Every time.
  6. I once had to use my trusty swiss army pocket knife to pick the little lock on a public restroom toilet paper dispenser.  The damn thing malfunctioned at a critical time, and I had to do what I had to do.
  7. Speaking of public restrooms, those fancy Dyson “AirBlade” hand dryers are bad ass, and I wish I had a big one at home that I could walk through after showering.
  8. I love people watching.  When I’m feeling blue, I need to get out to a mall or some bright and active place.  That usually makes me feel a little better, at least for a while.
  9. I have a bad habit of leaving restaurants with their cups (full of diet coke, of course).  I do however leave the ketchup, just in case dook is next to sit at that table.  🙂
  10. I once bought the same book twice because at the bookstore I remembered I wanted to read it, but didn’t remember that I had already bought it and that it was in my bookshelf.
That’s all I got folks!  Chris, my bad on the uber long delay dude.

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4 thoughts on “Sunday Tags, Part One – Honest Scrap

  1. I’m pretty sure the employee at Mickey D’s was not happy to have to replace the ketchup blister pack twice within 5 minutes due to the “Johnson Express” coming through!
    Great post as always my friend 😉

  2. Isn’t it amazing how many great posts are written!!! We know some pretty wonderful people with such a gift for blogging!!
    As for #10 . . . don’t feel bad. I once bought Pete a book for his birthday (in Sept), and then bought the some book for Christmas. Guess I knew he’d really like that book!

  3. #1 I HATE and I do that too.
    #5 I say Awesome a lot which is not awesome.
    #6 I’ll have to tell you my pocket knife story one of these days.
    #8 yup
    #9 nope
    #10 LOL!!!!