Checking In and No D-Day!

Hi everyone!

There has been a BUNCH of stuff happening lately, and I’m behind on blogging about it.  I’m sorry.

I’ve been traveling a lot the past couple of weeks, first down to Des Moines, IA for the TCOYD conference, then a short four days later I was on my way out to Los Angeles, CA for George’s JDRF Walk and celebration.  I have a TON to say about all of that, and I will, soon.  I promise.

But not tomorrow.

Tomorrow, Thursday, 10/7/10, marks an annual tradition that George started called “No D-Day.”  It is a day where we do not talk about diabetes.  We do not post about diabetes.  We do not blog about diabetes.  We do not facebook about diabetes.


George says “We give diabetes a lot of attention, let’s spend one day and give the rest of ourselves the spot light.”

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8 thoughts on “Checking In and No D-Day!

  1. I understand a lot better.
    Shouldn’t we all think we are more than just a disease? I think Type 2’s have had more years to establish ourselves and our careers than to just think we are just a diabetic. T1’s may need some encouragement with this because the diagnosis normally in the formidable years.
    I see my diabetes as another chapter in my book of life and not the whole book. I maybe one of the few people that embrace their diabetes as apart of themselves.
    I would hope people would not have a disease to be the center of their lives. I would hope parents in general would try to involve their children in activities and show them they can be more than what they are.

  2. Hey Chrystal!
    No D-Day is not a day about ignoring your diabetes. WE WOULD BE IN BIG TROUBLE!
    No D-Day is a day to not MENTION diabetes ONLINE! Like no blogs about diabetes, no tweets, no facebook statuses. Nada.
    The point? We are more than a disease. Diabetes is a PART of who I am but I am a lot more. So lets take one day a year and when we talk to each other or write about our lives, lets write about something OTHER than diabetes.
    It gets center stage all the time. We should shine the spotlight on other aspects of our lives.
    In no way is this about not taking care of or treating your diabetes. That is something I would never EVER condone.

  3. Hello it was wonderful meeting you at George’s celebration.
    I am not really understanding the NoDDay. I am wondering is it a Type 1 thing. Regardless, pretend it is not there or not your body will have a way of reminding you that it needs your attention.
    Being a Type 2, I have done any and everything for a long time before I was diagnosed. I assume that was partially my problem. I thought I was more of a super woman mentally but my body couldn’t handle it physically. I have very fond memories of living with out the big D. I have always wondered is this the same for Type 1’s. Is this a thing to do because Type 1’s are trying to live the wonder years they were forced to miss.
    I don’t see the point of this but to make people yearn for something they can never have and putting themselves at risk. Am I missing the point? Please understand eventhough we are all diabetics there are different point of views between the 1 and the 2.

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