What Is a Diabetes Diplomat?

Diabetes Diplomats LogoWhat is a Diabetes Diplomat?

A Diabetes Diplomat is anyone who has decided to get involved with raising money and advocating for the Diabetes Research Institute.

The Diabetes Diplomats group has a laundry list of proven ideas that you can use.  There’s no shortage of ideas – they just need people to give the ideas some legs.  Whatever you choose, they will guide you through it from start to finish.  These ideas are easy, fun, and have been done again and again (meaning the concept and process is well polished).

Or maybe you have an idea of your own, but just need a little guidance to get started.  The Diabetes Diplomats can help you with that too.  Who knows – you might be the one who comes up with the next great idea!

All you have to do is decide to do something.  Doesn’t matter what you decide to do – just do something, and stop waiting for someone else to do it (as Lisa Treese has said).

The resources you gather, through whatever you do, go directly to the scientists at the Diabetes Research Institute.  They are working on a cure from many different angles (Re-educating the immune system, advances in cell replacement, and increasing the supply of insulin-producing cells, to name a few), and collaborate worldwide to share what they learn.  But they need our help — that research is more expensive than any of us can imagine.

Link to the "Create your fundraising page" site

I’m hoping to connect with a few Diabetes Diplomats, and share their stories here.  I want to do whatever I can to spread the word and share the experiences of those making a difference for all of us.

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