D-Blog Week: Fantasy Diabetes Device

Third Annual Diabetes Blog Week! Today I get to dream of a fantasy diabetes device!  This is pretty exciting, but also a little intimidating and hard.  I have been so used to the crappy devices that we have today, I feel like I have automatic “dream limiters” in my brain.

First of all, let me say that as long as I’m dreaming, I’d like to just be done with the whole diabetes thing.  I love you guys, and all of the amazing friends I now have, but diabetes sucks and I’d give it away in a heartbeat.

As far as devices go, I am getting spoiled by all of the connection and communication non-diabetes devices have today.  Everything is connected and everything talks together.  Even down to simple things like my browser having the same bookmarks across different computers.  I take that connection and communication for granted until my day bumps into a diabetes device.

As soon as I have to interact with a diabetes device, it’s as if my world enters a backwards time warp where everything is independent, nothing talks to anything else, and I’m just expected to cope with it.  Actually, I’m not expected to cope with it, I’m forced to.

My fantasy diabetes device(s) would allow me to mold great diabetes management into my life without having to bend much of my life around diabetes.  We deserve that much at least.

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This is what I want most also–all in one place. One reason I still use my old pump is because the meter is hanging off the back and it’s always right there, attached to me. But it doesn’t seem that hard to clip a meter on a pump, integrate the CGMS, log all the insulin, food, and exercise, and beam it wherever I want it to go.


I guessed incorrectly. I was sure you’d want a basketball that would tell you your BGs during a game. 🙂




yes! also, i enjoyed the phrase “until my day bumps into a diabetes device”. well played, sir.